News for July 2012


The argument is this: all displays of weakness are distasteful: they witness defeat by compulsory constriction: they do so massively and socially. This isn’t ancient day;  it’s tomorrow. It’s unstable, baby. I am a definition of live: or the denial of a denial: it is a gift to reason: all things tend to defeat. It is domestic English: a common tongue to all: it’s the shape of wire: faith is about retreat. It is a touch that shakes: the fall of mystic life: it is a tale of conviction: a demon powers my side. My only sound is a different music, the one of the moving muscle, of the nerves tense. It ignores seasons, travels like dawn through thin air. It’s abstinence of generating life: the fear of demanding eye: it’s an obsolete frequency: it’s an enquiry on a new life. The mystic breed: to hear: to have a crackdown:  one of the stainless ones. That’s how far I’m willing to go. This is the ultimate you. Will love save the day in interesting times?

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I decline the Voynich manuscript
because it’s too feline for my own good
and it disdains my lofty afternoons.
I prefer skillful video games
for two circles of the clock.

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