Thomas F. Bugno – Rome, 8 June 1982

Thomas Bugno (Rome, 1982) –

Lives in Birmingham and has a kid: poetry, painting, video art, audio installations, production of electronic and experimental music.


- Poems, reviews, and a translation (from the Italian) published on “The Cannon’s Mouth”, 2019.
-For the book “Image-Imagine” (2007, published by London Metropolitan University and Fondazione Baruchello, Rome) I have dealt with the editing, recovery, organisation, and translation of archival materials and artistic documentation of Gianfranco Baruchello and Niel Ferguson during their meetings in London (the London Metropolitan University) and the Fondazione Baruchello, in Rome.
- “Ora Panda” magazine, 2009 – 2010, self-published (4 issues), Rome.
I and others have founded and edited this underground magazine, comprising poetry, prose, graphic novels, photography, and editorials.
-”Sperimentare il Plurale”, 2007, Fondazione Baruchello, Roma
Written commentary on my sound installation at the “1+1+1…Opere Azione Interventi”, in 2006, exhibition in Rome. (

Selected Group Exhibitions:

- “La rinascita nell’unità” at the ‘Palazzo Baronale’ and ‘Il Granarone’, Borgo di Calcata, 10-25 April 2011.
- “Macro Opere in Catalogo” at Galleria Spaziottagoni, Rome, 11th March 2010.
- “C’era una volta un futuro”, organised by “Opera Rebis” (, Rome, 5 -19 March 2010.
- Curator of “Leisure”, an exhibition by Martina Magno at “Officine Fotografiche”, Rome, November 2008.
- “Contatti” at Campo S.Margherita, Venice ( 19th June 2008.
- “1+1+1…Opere Azione Interventi” at the “Fondazione Baruchello”, Rome 24 June 2006.